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Ultimate car mats

1、Using a flexible molecular structure

2、Super-resilient high-tech microfiber sponge

3、Are "Victoria"while driving,The noise to a minimum。

1、Professional measuring high-side full surround stereo design

2、For sectionsTailored so ensure safety.

Surface material throughSlipProcess,Not easily deformed, long life。

1、Natural antibacterial

2、Special not suitable for passengers.

1, the goods through SGS standard certification

2, low-carbon environmental cold of special.

unique style design, version of the classic fashion cutting techniques.

abandon the traditional mechanical,

Custom that end. Any of the products   
 No one doubts that "custom" popularity. Custom, means that the maximum limit of the right, and the right thing you can always bring comfort and pleasure, and even some decent.
Nothing is more appropriate than tailor-made for you。

detection cotton insulation
Environmtal XPE Detection

With high-grade special green leather fabrics, after special surface treatment technology, non-slip, scratch resistant, wear-resistant,Cold by SGS-Swiss SGS testing and certification , (heavy metal standards), safe, reliable, rest assured.

Baosheng Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou City's existing:"BLOSSOM VICTORIA", "Buckingham", "free thinking person", "Dragon horse"Four brands。
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    Guangzhou Baosheng Enterprise Development Limited was founded in 1998, is a collection of advanced R & D center, a modern production base, a sound marketing service system and efficient logistics and distribution system in one car cloth accessories with a strong comprehensive strength, upholstery business.
    As the industry leader in professional development and operation of high-end automotive supplies business, Guangzhou Baosheng has automotive cloth accessories, upholstery industry's most powerful R & D design team.
- Draw domestic and international textile and garment industry's top designers talent and inspiration, synchronized with the global fashion.
 - The first European-style cloth jewelry in China's auto i....

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